HIFU Non-Surgical Face Lift



HIFU stands for High-intensity Focus Ultrasound and is a revolutionary alternative to a face lift. No one likes going under the knife and this can be a great alternative. HIFU tones and lifts the face, neck and eyes which results in a natural lift to your face. It has been said that HIFU reduces the appearance of ageing by between four and eight years in just one treatment. I’ve been doing HIFU Treatments for nearly 3 years now and can honestly say that with the combination of great skincare you can turn back the clock with this treatment.


How does HIFU work?

HIFU targets the foundation layer of your skin, unlike laser treatments which penetrates the skin HIFU actually bypasses the skin’s  surface and delivers highly targeted energy into the structural tissues and muscles where collagen is produced. The energy stimulates collagen production in the deep dermal and sub-dermal levels, because of this a micro injury to the tissue. As the tissue heals, the collagen fibres shorten, resulting in a tightening effect seen on the skin. This treatment is great for bringing back your Jawline and re sculpting your face.


There are some great benefits for you having this treatment, mainly the fact that usually only one treatment is required, and with no down time it’s easily done without anyone knowing. The results come out slowly over 3 months so if your not wanting to tell work colleague’s it’s perfect, as your slowly going to look younger and younger. As you know, if your with someone everyday you don’t necessarily notice these changes. Then one day someone will just come over to you and tell you how great your looking.

There is no other treatment on the market that works as deeply and effectively as this one. If you want to know more or not sure if this is the treatment for you, then click book now and get yourself a consultation where all options will be looked at.


  • Consultation including skin scan and advice £35 (redeemable against products or treatment booked).
  • Eye Lift £199
  • Jowl lift £349
  • Neck lift £299
  • Full Face £499
  • Full Face and Neck £749
  • Bespoke lifting package from £495