Advanced Skin Treatments

Advanced Skin Treatments


Why should you have Microneedling?

Microneedling (also known as Collagen Induction Therapy or Dermaroller) produces similar results to laser and deep chemical peels but is much less invasive with minimal or zero downtime.

I know it sounds invasive and you’ve probably seen lots of blood covered faces! But with new thinking on the subject, which means I will never go deep enough to induce your face to bleed excessively. You’ll never leave my clinic with a blood covered face, because this would course excessive inflammation. If you have things like pigmentation, too much inflammation can actually make it worse rather than improving condition.

Microneedling is  great for you to reducing any scarring, lines and wrinkles, because it effectively boosts collagen and elastin production. Microneedling will also reduce sun damage, and uneven skin tone.

Little channels are produced with this treatment so  its also effective at improving product absorption and giving natural fast results that last. I always get increased results by using a bespoke mesotherapy cocktail for comfort during the treatment and to increase dermal hydration. This treatment will be part of Fiona’s 90 min Advanced Bespoke Skin Treatment.

Photon Light Treatment

Nappage Mesotherapy

Why should I have Mesotherapy?

Nappage Mesotherapy has been around for many years, but not always widely used in the UK. It gives the skin a super charged boost and is an incredible treatment for deep dermal hydration. With an extremely superficial needling or napping technique a bespoke cocktail of vitamins, minerals, hyaluronic acid and amino acids are delivered transdermally into the skin. Great for a one off facial or pre make up application for that big night out or event. With a course of treatments in will help to soften lines and wrinkles, brighten tired dull skin, tone and tighten sagging skin. A skin resurfacing treatment is always done first and will be part of a 60 min advanced bespoke skin treatment.


Advanced Bespoke Skin Treatment

This is the ultimate skin treatment where if you have real skin concerns you will get incredible results and improvements in your skin.  A combination of advanced techniques will be used to get your skin to optimal health. Sadly there is no quick fix for ageing, pigmentation, acne and rosacea, so a course of treatments with skincare and supplements will be recommended in order for you to get the results you are after. Fiona also looks at ways lifestyle can impact on skin and will include stress reducing touch therapy’s, Aromatherapy candles to help with balancing mood, your own choice in music and room temperature.

  • 30 min £50
  • Course of 6 £280
  • 60 min £85
  • Course of 6 £480
  • 90 min £125
  • Course of 6 £720
  • 105 min £185
  • Course of 6 £1070
  • Full consultation, Skin scan and advice. £35